Things to do in Kynance Cove and visiting tips for the beach

If you’re into white sand beaches and beautiful blue seas, you’ve got to visit Kynance Cove Beach while you’re in Cornwall!

This is one of the most spectacular beaches in the region – and the whole country. 

If you’re wondering how to visit Kynance Cove, this blog post will help you out! 

Where is Kynance Cove in Cornwall? 

View of Kynance Cove

Kynance Cove Beach is located on the Lizard Peninsula. 

This is an area of Cornwall that juts out from the south coast of the Duchy. Although a lot of Cornwall’s coastline is wild and beautiful, the Lizard is particularly so!

It terminates in Lizard Point, which is the furthest south point in the country. Kynance Cove is about 3 miles from Lizard Point – so you can easily visit the two on one trip! 

How to get to Kynance Cove

Kynance Cove

You can walk to Kynance Cove on foot from Lizard Village, Lizard Point or Mullion Cove by following the South West Coast Path or paths through fields. 

To get to Kynance Cove in the car, drive towards Helston and follow the road towards Lizard Point.

You’ll come to a right turning for Kynance as you are nearly at the end of the Lizard Peninsula – it will be signposted. Then, drive straight down this road to reach the beach car park. 

The postcode is TR12 7PJ

Kynance Cove History

Three hundred and seventy-five million years ago, instead of the Lizard, there was a molten rock about 10 kilometres below the earth’s surface.

Heat and pressure caused peridotite rocks to change to serpentine and then push through the earth’s crust, moving to eventually become the Lizard today

Kynance Cove became a tourist spot in the Victorian era – even Queen Victoria visited! 

It has been featured on numerous TV shows about the UK and is widely regarded as one of the most epic places to visit in Cornwall.

Things to do in Kynance Cove

Hike around and take in the views

View of Kynance Cove

If you hike around Kynance Cove, you’ll be able to take in brilliant turquoise water and eye-catching rock stacks.

You don’t need to go far – simply climb up the coast path in either direction until you can look back and see the iconic vista of one of the most beautiful beaches in the UK. 

Make sure you take your camera – you’ll want to take endless photos while you’re here. 

And one word of warning – be careful on the cliff edges. People have fallen off these, and they are very high.

If you drop something over the edge of the cliff, let it go. Climbing down these cliffs or even just walking too close to the edge is incredibly dangerous. 

Enjoy the white sand! 

Kynance Cove up close

Kynance Cove is the most famous Cornish beach for many reasons, and one has to be its stunningly bright white sand.

It is a photographer’s dream! 

If you are sunbathing, make sure that you use a high SPF suncream – the Cornish sun can be deceptively intense. 

Look over Asparagus Island and the other rocks

Rocks of Kynance Cove

The rocks and islands around Kynance Cove all have some interesting names!

Look out for: 

  • Asparagus Island, which is usually separated from the mainland but is thought to have been connected previously. 
  • The jagged gull rock
  • Steeple rock which towers above the beach and ends in a dramatic point. 
  • Bishop’s rock

Explore the caves

There are some caves around the beach which you can explore at low tide.

However, if you go into the caves, it is more important than ever that you keep an eye on the tide times.

There is a very real possibility of being cut off by the tide, and this could be very dangerous if you are in the caves.

If you aren’t confident with sussing out the tide times, don’t go into the caves.

Enjoy a Cornish cider while looking over the view

Polgoon cider

The beach cafe at Kynance is the perfect place to enjoy some local cider or eat Cornish pasties or cream teas!

It has one of the best views that I’ve ever seen in a cafe – looking right over the money shot of Kynance Cove! 

It is also an eco-friendly cafe with a strong focus on recycling. 

Kynance Cove Walks

walking around Kynance Cove

From Kynance Cove, there are a few walks that you can do to take in the Cornish coast. 

Lizard Point Walk

Walking from Lizard Point to Kynance Cove

One of the most popular is walking to Lizard Point. This is around 45 minutes, so it is relatively easy to do it and return on the same trip. 

The path is rugged in places but isn’t too bad and suitable for anyone with an average fitness level. 

To get to Lizard Point, just follow the path in a southerly direction from Kynance Cove (facing towards Kynance Cove Cafe, turn right and continue down the path). 

The path is quite obvious, but keep an eye out for acorn signs which waymark the route. 

I’ve written about Lizard Point in a little more detail below.  

Mullion Cove Walk

Mullion Cove Beach on the Lizard Peninsula

This walk is slightly longer, at around 4.4 miles or 7 kilometres, and a lot less touristy. 

It will take you through some spectacular parts of the Lizard coastline and around Predannack Head, finally descending into Mullion Cove. 

It is similar terrain to Kynance Cove – not too strenuous, but it should only be attempted by people with a moderate fitness level. 

Once you get to Mullion Cove, you can either walk back or take the bus to Lizard Village and walk through fields to get to Kynance Cove. 

Or, if you don’t need to worry about getting back to your car, you can carry on walking up to Poldhu Cove and beyond! 

Lizard Village Walk

Away from the coastline, the Lizard is mainly farmland. Many of these fields have the right of access, meaning that public footpaths run through them. 

If you want a more leisurely walk, you can stroll through these fields to Lizard Village, the furthest south village in the UK. 

You will need a good maps app to be able to ascertain where the footpaths are. is a free app that is quite good, although paid OS map apps are much more comprehensive. 

Can you swim at Kynance Cove? 

Yes, people do swim at Kynance Cove. However, it isn’t the safest place. 

There is no lifeguard at the beach, and the tide can go in quickly. Plus, there is always a risk of riptides.

Therefore, I would only recommend swimming if you are a confident wild swimmer and aware of the tide times. 

It is recommended to only go in at low tide and to not go out of your depth. 

How to stay safe at Kynance Cove

As I mentioned previously, there are no lifeguards at Kynance Cove Beach.

Furthermore, it is a very tidal beach and parts get cut off at high tide.

Keep an eye on tide times, and when it starts to come in make your way further up the beach.

Looking out over Kynance Cove

When to visit Kynance Cove

Kynance Cove is great any time of the year!

However, I wouldn’t recommend visiting in July or August, just due to how busy it is.

Or, if you do need to visit in these months, go on a cloudy day! Otherwise, it is far too busy.

The best time to visit Kynance Cove is probably on a weekday out of season (October – March) and out of school holidays on a brisk, sunny day.

You’ll be able to enjoy the outside as long as you wrap up warm, and it’s perfect hiking weather!

I wouldn’t recommend visiting Kynance Cove in particularly rainy, windy or stormy weather.

If you are visiting in peak season, get here early! This is the best way to avoid crowds.

It is also important to visit during low tide. You will be able to enjoy most of the beach this way – but be aware of when the tide will start to come in.

Is Kynance Cove disabled accessible? 

It’s difficult for me, a non-disabled person, to say.

There are reports of disabled car parking at Kynance Cove Cafe – I was not aware of this when I was visiting, but I have contacted the National Trust for comment. 

It would be difficult to travel down from the main car park in a wheelchair, although some websites state that the easier route is wheelchair-accessible. 

However, if you can walk with aids, this route may be possible, although be aware that it takes up to 20 minutes to walk. 

I will update this section as soon as I hear back from the National Trust. If you are a disabled person who has visited Kynance Cove, feel free to contact me with your comments. 

Are there toilets at Kynance Cove Beach?

Yes, there are two toilets near Kynance Cove Beach – one is in the car park, and one is by the cafe.

Both are run by the National Trust and are free to enter – unlike some other toilets in Cornwall. 

Can you park at Kynance Cove Beach? 

Yes, there is a car park at Kynance Cove. 

The car park often is full by 11:00 am. There is some overflow car parking which is on neighbouring fields – be aware that the later you get to the beach, the further you will have to walk! 

As it is a National Trust car park, members can park for free.

Alternatively, it costs between £3.00 -£10.00 depending on how long you stay. You can pay with coins or using the pay by phone app – but be aware that signal isn’t great here, so the app might not work.

How to get from Kynance Cove car park to the beach

It is a short walk over the cliffs or down a gentle slope to get to the beach. 

The cliff walk goes down steep steps and leads directly to the beach; this way is quick, but it isn’t recommended for people with reduced mobility.

Luckily, there is another route – which is much more popular on the way back up! This route is also the only available option at high tide. 

This only has a slight incline and says it is wheelchair and pushchair friendly. It takes about 15-20 minutes and isn’t too strenuous, even on the way back up. 

You’ll come out at the Kynance Cove Cafe, where you will be able to walk down to the beach. 

Is there a cafe at Kynance Cove?

Kynance Cove Cafe

Yes, the appropriately named Kynance Cove cafe serves coffee, meals and even beer and cider! We enjoyed a local Cornish cider made by Polgoon vineyard in Penzance

The cafe is open most of the year – from March to November and throughout Christmastime. So visiting Kynance Cove on a Cornwall Christmas break is definitely feasible!

Is Kynance Cove dog friendly? 

It depends on when you are visiting! Dogs are not always permitted on Kynance Cove. 

Like many Cornish beaches, there is a dog ban from the 1st July to 31st August from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. 

This is because Kynance Cove gets so busy during these times, throwing dogs into the mix too would be chaos!

If you and your canine friend can’t go on the beach, you can still enjoy the epic views of the coastal path! 

Things to do around Kynance Cove

Lizard Point

Lizard Point in Cornwall

Lizard Point is the furthest south point of mainland UK. It’s nowhere near as touristy as Land’s End, the furthest west point, but there are still some epic photo opportunities, a couple of cafes, shops and an art gallery here. 

Plus, it’s always quite cool to be the furthest south person in the UK!

As I mentioned before, you can walk to Lizard Point, or there is also a car park here. 

Poldhu Cove

Poldhu Cove on the Lizard Peninsula

Although Kynance is the most famous, there are lots of other beautiful beaches on the Lizard Peninsula, and Poldhu Cove is one of them! 

This beach is 7.5 miles north of Kynance Cove and is quite popular with tourists.

It has a really long stretch of sand, and there is a seasonal lifeguard here, so it is a safer place to swim than Kynance Cove. 

Coverack Beach

The Harbour and Fishing Village of Coverack in Cornwall, South West England

Coverack is one of my favourite spots on the Lizard.

It has a beautiful historic harbour and is the ideal place for paddleboarding or doing other watersports. 

The beach is long and pebbly at high tide, but it exposes a stretch of sand at low tide. 

The entire village has a lovely community feel, with a few decent shops and restaurants. 

It’s a charming place for a stroll around! 

Lizard Village

Lizard Village at Sunset

Lizard Village is a fascinating place to visit on the Lizard because it is the furthest south village in the UK! 

It is a small, quiet village with a few good pubs. The Witchball takes the claim for the furthest south pub in the country, although the Top House Inn also likes to say it is as well. 

It’s worth popping in for a bite to eat or a drink! 

You can also go coasteering from Lizard Village. Perfect for adventurous tourists, this activity involves following the coastline where the sea meets land. Here’s some more information about it.

Cagdwith Cove 

Cagdwith Village on the Lizard

Cagdwith Cove is a popular spot with celebrities, although it maintains a lot of the charm of a Cornish fishing village. 

Enjoy charming cottages spilling down to two small beaches, as well as peaceful streets where you can smell the salty air. 

The Cagdwith Cove Inn is a lovely pub serving up fresh food and local drinks – and if you visit on a Saturday night, you’ll have the chance to listen to some Cornish music! 

You can see my full list of things to do on the Lizard here.

Where to stay near Kynance Cove Beach

There are plenty of places to stay on the Lizard, from beautiful campsites to luxury hotels. 

I loved Cadgwith Cove Campsite. This is a friendly campsite with helpful hosts, who are always on hand to offer any advice. They also rent out fire pits and can even bring breakfast or cream tea to your tent! There are hot showers on site, although the toilet facilities are portaloos. It is in a good location to enjoy the Lizard’s main attractions.

Kitty’s Unique 60s caravan is a caravan with a kitchenette on a campsite (showers and toilets are shared). If you’re looking for a unique place to stay on the Lizard, check it out! Click here to read more.

The Cadgwith Cove Inn is a popular place to stay in Cadgwith village. It is a friendly place with cosy rooms and a great pub downstairs. Click here to read more.

Housel Bay Hotel is right by Lizard Point and has its own private beach, as well as well-appointed rooms with dramatic coastal views. It has a bar and restaurant. Click here to read more.

Is Kynance Cove worth visiting? 

View of Kynance Cove on the Lizard Peninsula

YES, Kynance Cove is definitely worth visiting! 

It is incredibly popular and can be very busy – but sometimes there is a reason why things are so famous!

The beach looks like something off a postcard, and the views are unmatchable. 

If you want to make the most of your visit, I recommend doing the following: 

  • Visit early. The bulk of tourists will get there in the day, after 10:00 am. If you visit before this time, you’re a lot more likely to avoid the crowds!
  • Avoid visiting in July or August if you can. I know this is not possible for everybody but if you don’t need to visit in school holidays, don’t. 
  • Go on cloudier days. It’s no surprise that Kynance Cove is packed on the sunniest of days! We actually went on a cloudy morning, and it was nowhere near as busy as usual. Of course, this does mean your photos will be cloudy – but as you can see by mine, it is still stunning! 

Whenever you visit, I guarantee that you’ll have the best time at Kynance Cove.

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