Guide to Pumpkin Picking at Farrington’s Farm (near Bristol)

If you’re looking for somewhere to go pumpkin picking near Bristol, I recommend Farrington’s Farm. 

This pumpkin patch has everything you could want – activities, refreshments, a carving area, and of course, a pumpkin field full of pumpkins!

Whether you’re visiting Farrington’s as a family or without kids in tow (my boyfriend and I went on our own last year and had a great time!), this blog post will answer all of your questions. 

Where is Farrington’s? 

Farrington’s is located in a small village called Farrington Gurney in Somerset. It is located about 13 miles south of Bristol and east of the Mendip Hills

How to get to Farrington’s from Bristol

If you have a car, it is a 30 minute drive from Bristol city centre to Farringtons.

It is very easy to drive to – simply follow Wells Road through Knowle and continue as it becomes the A37. Towards Farrington Guerney, it becomes Bristol road. 

The A37 leads all the way into the village – but the turning for Farrington’s is the A362, just before Farrington Park. It should be signposted. 

You can also take Bath Road towards Keynsham and then drive on the B3116 before connecting with the A39, which eventually connects with the A37 just before Farrington’s. 

If you are driving from Bath, take the B3115 to Paulton, which then connects to the A37.

If you do not have a car, the 376 Mendip explorer connects Bristol with Farrington’s, stopping on the A37 just before the A362 turn off. It is then an 8 minute walk. 

Is Farrington’s a farm?

Yes, Farrington’s is a 400 acre farm that grows organic vegetables. The area that you’ll be in is away from the growing patches, though! 

What is the annual pumpkin festival?

Farrington's pumpkin festival

The annual pumpkin festival is what it says on the tin – a festival for pumpkins! 

There are 100,000 pumpkins up for grabs this year – that would be one epic jack o lantern display!

There are lots of different varieties in their huge pumpkin patch, including classic orange pumpkins, knobbly pumpkins, and white ghost pumpkins. 

Simply grab your wheelbarrow and walk towards the pumpkin field, where there are loads of pumpkins on display, and you can pick out your favourite. Make sure you take your time doing this – every pumpkin is different!

Once you’ve chosen your perfect pumpkin, take it to the checkout, where you will be charged. Prices range from £3 to £8.50, depending on the pumpkin size. Because of the way you pay, you can pay for as many additional pumpkins as you like! 

There is also a pumpkin carving area where you can carve out your face or other design. The staff will clear the carving tables, and there is plenty of space here, so it saves getting your kitchen messy! 

Other activities

Spookley the pumpkin

It wouldn’t be a pumpkin fest without other things going on too! The following activities are perfect if you are visiting Farrington’s as a family.

  • Tractor-trailer rides across farmland. If you’ve got a kid who loves playing with farm toys, they will be so excited about these tractor rides!
  • The witches wood, where you can meet Whinny, the witch. She has a cauldron that is ready for marshmallow toasting! 
  • A straw pool, which is effictively a giant heap of straw for kids to jump around in.
  • Children’s fair rides from 8th October.

What is there to do for adults? 

farringtons photo frame

Most people who visit Farrington’s are with kids, and it is perfect for a family day – but if you are a couple or group of friends, you’ll still have a good time here – it’s a really fun day trip from Bristol!

I visited with my boyfriend last year because I wanted to get a pumpkin from a local farm.

We enjoyed picking out our pumpkins in the massive pumpkin patch, and then we spent some time browsing the farm shop and eating fish and chips with a Somerset cider. 

There are also some fun photo props that are fun for kids and big kids alike!

Although there is definitely more for kids to do here, it’s a really nice atmosphere, and we liked that we were supporting a local farm rather than just buying a pumpkin for the supermarket. 

We had a great time pumpkin carving back at our flat too! 

Food and drink

There are lots of food and drink options available at Farringtons pumpkin fest.

  • The bar stocks an impressive range of local beers and ciders. If you’re not driving, then make sure that you sample some! 
  • The snack shack also has a seating area with snacks and drinks. 
  • Or, you can sit down in the farm’s cafe and enjoy their delicious autumn menu. They even have pumpkin flavoured food here – you can try their homemade pumpkin soup or a pumpkin spiced latte! 
  • And finally, Farrington’s has a famous fish and chip restaurant where you can get your favourite British staple. They also do battered halloumi if you’re vegetarian. 

What are the ticket prices for Farringtons? 

The entry fee is £2.50 for both adults and children. Please note that this does not include a pumpkin, and you will need to pay for them separately.

It is free for under-twos, and dogs on leads are welcome. 

Where do I book tickets? 

girl pumpkin picking

You can book tickets on Farrington’s website. You will need to choose an entrance time slot, and you can arrive within an hour of this slot.

There is no time limit to pumpkin picking sessions – once you’re in, you are welcome to stay for as long as you want! 

Do be aware that no refunds are offered on the tickets. 

What should I wear to go pumpkin picking? 

It might be tempting to wear fancy dress, but be aware that the pumpkin patch can get very muddy, so it’s recommended to wear something a little more practical. 

Make sure that everyone has clothes that they don’t mind getting muddy, and in terms of footwear, wellies are best. You can see how muddy my shoes got last year below – and it was only drizzling this day! 

muddy shoes while pumpkin picking!

When should I visit? 

Farrington’s pumpkin festival opens on 2nd October and is at weekends only until the 14th. Then it is open every day until Halloween itself.

In terms of when to visit to get the best fresh pumpkins, it is better to visit earlier as there will be more variety. However, if you visit too early your pumpkin might not last until Halloween. Once carved, pumpkins last 5-10 days. 

Pumpkin picking at Farrington’s

So, if you want some high-quality pumpkins and a fun day out, I recommend Farrington’s. It’s a great place to get in the autumnal spirit, and there’s plenty to do there, whatever your age. Plus, it’s really easy to reach from Bristol and Bath! 

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