The Best Places to Stay Around Land’s End

Are you looking for places to stay around Land’s End? This thorough blog post is here to describe them all to you! 

A place of millenniums-old myth and legend, Land’s End is famed for its soaring cliffs and crashing blue waves.

The beauty and isolation of the region shaped its Celtic history throughout the years.

Land’s End is the furthest west you can go in mainland UK. Because of its geographical location, it’s been almost cut off from the country throughout history.

This makes it a place completely its own, an entity that feels completely different from elsewhere in the UK, with a unique Celtic culture and dramatic cliffs.

It’s a fantastic place to stay when you’re on your Cornwall staycation! Take a look at some of the different areas around Land’s End and our recommended hotels here. 

Where to stay in Land’s End

lands end, Cornwall

If you’re wondering where to stay around Land’s End, we’ve got one thing to tell you – you can stay at Land’s End itself!

With rocky cliffs and crashing sea, Land’s End Landmark Attraction is one of the most beautiful places to stay in all of Cornwall.

Plus, you’ll get the place to yourself in the mornings and evenings, when there aren’t any other tourists!

Things to do in Land’s End 

A cornish flag flying at Land's end. It's looking out over the blue sea and the sky is cloudless.
  • Stand right on the edge of Cornwall and take in sweeping views over the sea
  • Take a photo with the Land’s End to John O’ Groats marker
  • Visit the First and Last House and the First and Last postbox of England
  • Shop at the West Country Shopping Village
  • Enjoy some of the attractions, like Arthur’s Quest and Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Experience
  • Walk the coastal path to Sennen Cove or the beautiful Nanjizal Beach
  • Click here for all of the attractions in Land’s End
  • See all of the best things to do in Land’s End here

Pros of staying in Land’s End

The Land's End landmark attraction building. It's a wide white building with a teal sign and white lettering. The sky behind is cloudless.
  • It’s a beautiful area, with dramatic cliffs and crashing waves. 
  • There are lots of attractions and things to do here. 
  • You’ll see Land’s End in the evening, which is a unique experience.

Cons of staying in Land’s End

  • You’re very far from most of the country – even further than other spots on this list! 
  • During the daytime, Land’s End can be quite commercial.
  • There aren’t that many accommodation options actually at Land’s End.
Nanjizal Beach, a beach near Land's End. The photo is from the South West Coast Path. There's sea in the top right corner and a cliff with green grass and a small arch on the other side.

Land’s End is great to stay in if you…

  • Love epic clifftop scenery 
  • Are with children – there are lots of kids’ activities here
  • Are happy to stay in a few places in Cornwall – you probably won’t want to stay in Land’s End for a week or more! 

And not so great if you…

  • Want to stay somewhere quiet in the daytime
  • Want a broad range of hotels
  • Want to stay in one place throughout your whole time in Cornwall

Hotels at Land’s End Landmark Attraction

An arch going out over the blue sea near Land's End.

The Land’s End Hotel

Treat yourself to a seaside retreat in rooms that romanticise views of the sea. Situated in the heart of Land’s End, you can’t get any closer to the cliff edge as you enjoy the Land’s End Hotel, a cosy quality accommodation just steps from any of the attractions.

Rooms meet at the crossroads of Victorian- and modern eras with rustic wooden details accenting contemporary decor. Wake up to views of Longships Lighthouse out your window before heading down for a complimentary breakfast in the ocean view dining room.

Where to stay in Sennen Cove and Sennen

Sennen Beach In Cornwall, England

Surfers and beachgoers alike love the glorious coastal town of Sennen Cove.

It’s one of the most popular sandy beaches in West Cornwall, and it’s the perfect place to stay if you want beachfront accommodation. 

Above Sennen Cove sits Sennen, basking in glorious views of the countryside and coastline. It’s one of the most westerly villages in the UK.

There are a few things to do in Sennen Cove and Sennen, but they’re also just a short journey from Land’s End. You can even hike to Land’s End on the South West Coast Path! 

Things to do in Sennen Cove and Sennen Village

  • Laze out on the gorgeous Sennen beach
  • Go surfing at West Cornwall’s favourite beach
  • Take in amazing sea views on the hike to Pendeen
  • Enjoy a drink and delicious food at Sennen Cove beach bar
  • Visit the First and Last Inn and learn all about the smuggling history of the place
  • See the historic 14th century church
Sennen Cove Beach

Pros of staying in Sennen 

  • You’re in a gorgeous coastal destination 
  • The village is connected to others by the Land’s End coaster bus services
  • It’s a short walk to Land’s End on the South West Coastal Path 

Cons of staying in Sennen

  • There aren’t many attractions within walking distance
  • Accommodations here can be expensive and sell out quickly

Sennen Cove is great for..

  • Surfers and beachgoers: people who want to stretch out onto the sands and take to the waves
  • Hikers: It’s a great place to explore on the South West Coastal Path

And not so good for 

People who want lots of attractions or accommodation options. 

Hotels in Sennen

Saddle and Stable Rooms

Formerly home to trusted steeds, the Saddle and Stables Rooms is now a place for weary travellers arriving in town on a different kind of horsepower.

The once hay-covered floors where horses slept now dawn polished hardwood floors and a plush, king-sized bed for ultimate seaside R&R.

Enjoy studio apartment-style rooms equipped for daily living where you’ll be two kilometres from Land’s End and walking distance down to the sandy shores of Sennen Cove.

The Old Success Inn

Sounds of seagulls cawing above the gentle waves washing up on Sennen Cove provide a dreamy seaside alarm to start your day at The Old Success Inn.

The fisherman who once filled this historic 17th-century pub has now become a hotspot when visiting Land’s End.

Accommodations are a new extension of the pub, exhibiting their sea-inspired décor with lots of natural light and views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Where to stay in Porthcurno

View of the epic Porthcurno Beach at the end of a path. The sand is golden and there's a blue sea in the background.

Tourists flock to Porthcurno to see the legendary Minack Theatre, but they stay to enjoy its white sand beach (one of my favourite beaches in Cornwall) and breathtaking views across the horizon.

Tucked away into the southwestern corner of Cornwall, it’s close to Land’s End; not too far from Penzance, but still with that far West Cornwall charm.

Best things to do in Porthcurno

Sub tropical plants are in the foreground with the rocky Minack Theatre, Porthcurno in the background. You can also see the beautiful sea.

Porthcurno is a popular stop on many people’s Cornwall itineraries because of its legendary attractions. 

  • The Minack Theatre, which was created by Rowena Cade in the 1930s and is a stunning amphitheatre with a gorgeous blue background. 
  • The Telegraph Museum, which details Porthcurno’s significance as a telegraph station
  • Porthcurno Beach, one of the most epic beaches in the country! 
  • Pedn Vounder Beach which is just along from Porthcurno

Pros of staying in Porthcurno

  • There are a few attractions actually in Porthcurno itself 
  • It has an epic beach with incredible views
White sand beach near Porthcurno with rocky stacks in the distance and blue water. There's light cloud coverage in the sky.

Cons of staying in Porthcurno

  • I’ve always found that there are surprisingly few restaurants here
  • The roads to get to Porthcurno are narrow and a little hair-raising at times!
  • Hotels are limited
  • Because of the popular Minack Theatre, the roads and car parks can be packed

Porthcurno would be great for… 

  • People who are interested in Telegraph history or the theatre
  • Beachgoers, especially if you want to access one of the best beaches in the country before the tourists get there (or after they leave!)
The inside of a telegraph station in Porthcurno, dating back to World War Two.

And not so good for…

  • People who want to stay somewhere quiet – it can get too busy
  • Foodies or people who want lots of restaurant options 
A play being performed at the Minack Theatre in Porthcurno
The “39 steps” play at the Minack Theatre

Hotels in Porthcurno


Discover your home away from home in your apartment-style accommodation at Godrevy. The legacy of the historic Porthcurno Hotel remains with this modern holiday rental established inside of it.

The spacious accommodations include two bedrooms whose sea blue walls run seamlessly with sea views from the large windows. Entertain in the large living room or enjoy sunny days relaxing on the outdoor deck. When you’re ready to explore, Porthcurno Village and Porthcurno Beach are excellent places to put on your itinerary for the day.

The Watch

The guest experience is always different when staying in the Cornish Cottages signature collection properties, and The Watch follows suit. Experience seaside living at this two-bedroom apartment-style rental that will be your home for the time near Land’s End.

Explore the South West Coast Path or Porthcurno Beach before retreating to updated accommodations full-equipped for modern living. When the days are lovely, step out onto the upstairs patio to get some sun. Flip on the electric fireplace and snuggle up on the living room couches on the cooler nights.

Where to stay in Pendeen

Inside of Geevor Tin Mine in Cornwall

History meets natural beauty in traditional Pendeen. The village is home to the Geevor Tin Mine, a museum that documents the history and significance of Cornish mining.

From the Geevor Tin Mine, look out across the coastal landscape and enjoy some of the most impressive views on the South West Coast Path.

It’s a small village, with just a couple of pubs, but staying here offers a local experienced unmatched in other villages near Land’s End.

Best things to do in Pendeen

  • The Geevor Tin Mine, which is a historic mine that closed in the 1980s. You can learn about Cornwall’s mining history and see the eerie ‘dry’, which still looks how the miners left it back in the 80s. 
  • The Lelant Mine, which is a National Trust property where you can learn about the inner workings of the mining history. 
  • You can hike to St Ives through Zennor, which is a fascinating village with mythical connections. 
  • You can also take the South West Coast Path to Sennen Cove, where you can enjoy some of the best scenery in the country. 
Geevor Tin Mine in Cornwall

Pendeen is be great for…

  • Anyone interested in Cornwall’s unique mining history and heritage
  • People who want a more local experience 
  • Hikers, as the area is on three amazing places on the South West Coast Path

And not so great for…

  • People who want to stay somewhere a bit buzzier, as it can be quite quiet

Cottages in Pendeen

The Stables @ The Old Vicarage is a two-bedroom property that sleeps four people, perfect for a small group of friends or a family. It’s highly rated on, with guests loving the cosy atmosphere and excellent amenities. You’ll feel like a local as you retreat to this gorgeous cottage every evening after exploring the best of West Cornwall!

Where to stay in St Just

Church lane in St Just. There are granite buildings lined up along a lane, with a street sign.

St Just is the furthest west town in mainland UK. Sitting inland, it’s an incredibly traditional place. Visit during September and experience the Ordinalia, a centuries-old Cornish play.

St Just is a historic mining village, lined with 18th-century cottages, and is one of the best places that you can stay for mining heritage and Cornish culture. 

Things to do in St Just

A traditional granite cottage in St Just, Cornwall
  • There are a few small museums in town
  • If you visit at the right time, you can catch the St Just Ordinalia 
  • There are also other Cornish heritage attractions in the town if you visit during the Cornwall festival
The St Just Ordinalia, a play that depicts different scenes of the bible. God is at the top

Pros of staying in St Just 

  • It’s a very traditional Cornish town
  • There’s an immense amount of mining history here
  • It’s not very touristy 
  • Prices can be cheaper than other locations

Cons of staying in St Just

  • It’s the only place on this list that isn’t on the beach
  • It doesn’t have the same holiday atmosphere as other Cornwall destinations 
  • It doesn’t have that many restaurant recommendations 
A road lined either side by traditional granite cottages in St Just, Cornwall

St Just is great for…

People who want to experience local life while they’re in Cornwall

And not so good for…

  • Beachgoers: it isn’t right by the beach
  • Hikers: it’s a bit in from the South West Coast Path
  • Foodies: there aren’t all that many places to eat in St Just
Green grass of a meadow with the sea on the horizon. The sky is cloudy.

Hostels and Hotels in St Just

YHA Land’s End – Cot Valley

Nestled in the countryside in Cot Valley, YHA Land’s End allows you to customize your stay experience. Solo travellers are welcome to enjoy bright, fun-coloured dorm-style rooms where you’re bound to meet visitors from around the world. To immerse in the outdoors, the onsite pod provides a private quarter equipped with amenities like heated floors. The kitchen and onsite bar are open for everyone to indulge and be a part of the community.

Cape Cornwall Club

Guests at the Cape Cornwall Club get treated like long-term members of this exclusive membership club in Land’s End. Stay in one of the 15 refurbished accommodations set in a converted barn where original aesthetics remain with exposed beams on the ceilings and natural walls.

Take advantage of having access to exclusive areas. Grab your nine-iron and go for a round on the world-class golf course where you’ll have dramatic cliffside views at every hole. For relaxation, spend a day in the onsite spa.

The Wellington

Perched atop the cliffside, The Wellington hotel puts you in the heart of St Just. An old-world atmosphere welcomes you in this hotel, established in the early 1800s. Friendly hosts check you in at the hotel reception, which doubles as the venue’s bar. Upstairs, you’ll find more than a dozen rooms, each with unique characteristics and many offering views of the ocean. Fuel up for a day of exploring Land’s End by starting the day with a Full English breakfast served at the outdoor dining patio.

The Commercial

You’ll feel like part of the family when staying at The Commercial. For centuries, it’s provided accommodations, dining, and continues to excel in each area.

Delight yourself with four-star amenities at the hotels. The boutique-style accommodations feature 11 individually-designed rooms full of character inside this 18th-century building.

Guests receive complimentary breakfast every day to enjoy in the outdoor garden and patio. When you’re finished, make the short walk to Cape Cornwall or visit the Levant Mine and Beam Engine site.

Places to stay in St Ives

Beautiful St. Ives bay in Cornwall, UK

With beaches that look like you’re in the Caribbean and an unmistakable arty culture, St Ives is one of the most popular places to stay in Cornwall.

It’s a quintessential Cornish beach town, with colourful holiday cottages and picturesque views over the entire bay from multiple viewpoints. Artists have been drawn to the beautiful village for decades because of its immense natural beauty and impressive natural light, giving the town a distinct creative feel.

Things to do in St Ives

The inside gallery of the TATE ST Ives
  • Visit the TATE St Ives
  • Learn about Barbara Hepworth at the Sculpture Museum 
  • Visit the many beaches of St Ives
  • Eat out at many of St Ives best restaurants
  • Do a walking tour with Shanty Baba, St Ives expert
  • Go shopping in the many boutique spots of St Ives
  • Take a boat trip out to Seal Island
  • You can see all of the things to do in St Ives here.

Pros of staying in St Ives

  • It’s absolutely stunning, especially on a sunny day
  • There’s a plethora of things to do 
  • There are some incredible restaurants to enjoy
  • It’s on a particularly pretty part of the South West Coast Path
  • It’s great for surfing

Cons of staying in St Ives

  • It’s very expensive 
  • It’s rammed with tourists in the summer months, especially as it’s one of the most popular places to visit in Cornwall
  • It’s a bit of a drive from Land’s End

St Ives is great for

  • Hikers: this part of the South West Coast Path is amazing!
  • Surfers: the surf beaches here are incredible 
  • Holidaymakers: St Ives is one of the best staycation destinations in the UK
  • Foodies: there’s a great food scene here

And not so great for…

  • Budget travellers: it’s expensive!
  • People who want to stay somewhere quiet: it’s a really busy place

Hotels in St Ives

Aerial view of St Ives in the evening, Cornwall, UK

Tregenna Castle Resort Hotel

You’ll feel like British royalty when staying at the Tregenna Castle Resort Hotel. Set on the St. Ives coast hilltop, this 18th-century castle has opened its doors for visitors for centuries.

Bright rooms have modern amenities and technology. But the castle grounds have plenty more to explore, like a large pool and manicured lawns for a leisure stroll around the picturesque castle scenery.

Pedn-Olva St Ives Harbour Hotel

Pedn-Olva is Cornish for “lookout on the headlands,” the perfect name describing this elegant boutique hotel sitting atop the cliffsides overlooking St Ives Harbour Beach. Stay in updated rooms designed with massive windows, immersing you in the harbour views from the moment you open your eyes in the morning. It offers 30 rooms with stylish décor, wood furnishing, and sea-inspired art.


There’s no way to escape the beauty of the St Ives coast when staying at the Saltwater Bed and Breakfast. With only six rooms, this coastal hotel provides each guest with attentive services to ensure a pleasurable stay.

Large windows illuminate the room, showcasing their contemporary design and colour accents. Complimentary breakfast is served in the dining room, decorated with larger-than-life images depicting the local surf lifestyle. You’ll only be a short walk from sinking your feet in the warm golden sands of Porthmeor Beach.  

The Queens Hotel

Local art and vintage clocks hang on the lobby walls of The Queens Hotel, setting the mood for the traditional gastropub. The upstairs floors are dedicated to 10 modern rooms featuring basic necessities like seating, WIFI, and fully equipped ensuite bathrooms. Relax on vintage furniture while admiring views of the St Ives Harbor from your room. Dine-in at the pub for one of the best local fish and chips paired with a Proper Job IPA!

You can read my full list of places to stay in St Ives here.

Where will you stay in Land’s End?

As you can see, there’s a range of places to choose from if you want to stay in Land’s End! Hopefully, this list has provided you with some inspiration; you can also browse hotels on

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