Eden Project releases pass for Cornish and Devon locals

It’s known as one of the UK’s bucket list attractions; the Eden Project, located in southeastern Cornwall, is home to the world’s largest captive rainforest and a range of exhibitions about global ecosystems around the world. 

From April 1st, Devon and Cornwall locals will be able to purchase a local’s pass for the Eden Project. Here’s everything you need to know.

The 2024/25 locals’ pass: what you need to know

Exclusive to Cornwall and Devon residents, this pass is a year-long access key to one of the most cherished attractions in the South West. 

When you purchase a local’s pass, you’ll be able to enter the Eden Project for free, any day you fancy until 31st March 2025.

The passes are released on 1st April, but they are in limited supply, so if you know you want to make use of this deal, don’t wait! 

The only thing that you need to remember to do is to book your timed entry slot before heading to the attraction! 

What does your local’s pass include? 

Eden Project, Cornwall

Your locals pass includes entry to the attraction any day of your choosing – visit throughout the year to make the most of their seasonal attractions. By buying a pass, you’re also supporting a charity! 

How to get your local’s pass

From 1st April, you can order a local’s pass online. 

But, when you first visit with your pass you’ll need to visit with proof of ID; either a photo ID with your address (like a driving licence) or a photo ID without an address plus a utility bill. 

Your address will have a TR, PL, TQ or EX postcode.

Prices of the local’s pass

Below are the prices – they’re just one fee for the whole year, but if you opt to pay via direct debit, the rates are cheaper. If you pay via direct debit, your pass will automatically be renewed once the year is up. 

Non direct debitAnnual direct debit
Seniors (60+)£23.50£20
Young adults (17-25) and students£16£13.50
Families (one adult two children)£45.50£36
Families (two adults two children)£70£55

Is it worth buying the pass? 

Yes, it certainly is worth getting the pass if you’re going to go to the Eden Project even once in a year! 

Prices for non-local adults costs £33 – £38 (although these tickets do then gain access to the attraction for a year). So, by making use of the local pass, you’re automatically saving at least £8.50 on your pass. If you pay by annual direct debit, you’ll save even more.

But hopefully, as you’re a local, you’ll be able to visit the Eden Project many times throughout the year. 

Again, just a note that you will have to remember to book an entry slot every time you want to visit. This is just so they can monitor numbers! 

Click here to see the Eden Project’s page about the pass. And, go to this page on 1st April to buy your pass! 

So, are you ready to visit the Eden Project?

Cornwall, United Kingdom - May 18, 2018: Eden Project, aerial view

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