New exhibition at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall (NMMC)

Cornwall and its maritime heritage go together hand in hand – and anyone interested in the fishing culture of the region should visit the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth! 

Along with plenty of exhibits, the National Maritime Museum Cornwall has just launched a new exhibition called “Small Boats, Big Stories” and it’ll be a permanent exhibition! 

What’s in the exhibition?

In the exhibition, you’ll find a range of boats from the National Small Boat Collection. Some of these vessels will have a particular link to Cornish naval history, while others will have roots to places around the UK and the world. 

You can expect to find:

  • The smallest boat that ever crossed the Atlantic
  • Sir Ben Ainslie’s gold medal winning boat
  • The Ednamair which saved the Robertson family when their ship sunk in the Pacific Ocean

There are also some prototypes of boats for the future, including AutoNaut which will be a sustainable vessel that aims to combat pollution; showcasing the importance of eco-friendliness in the boat-building industry.  

Boats inside the National Maritime Museum, one of the best Falmouth attractions

Why small boats? 

In history, it’s often the large boats – the SS Great Britain or the Cutty Sark – that get all the attention. Still, small boats have also been important throughout the history of Cornwall, the UK and the world. 

Plus, small boats often have human stories behind them. Richard Doughty who is the Director of NMMC has mentioned that this is a particular goal of the collection – they’d like to emphasise the human stories behind each of the boats. 

How to visit the exhibition

Falmouth Harbour

You can visit the exhibition by visiting the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth. Entry to the exhibition is included in the price of your entrance ticket. Falmouth is an incredible town, with plenty of attractions and activities to enjoy as well! 

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