Cornwall toilet sells for a whopping £169,000!

I bet you never thought you’d see another day when a sea view property in Cornwall was for sale for just £20,000! 

Well, it was – but it ended up being sold for more than eight times its original price, a total of £169,000.

This sea view property and land was in fact a discussed block of toilets. But it wasn’t any block of toilets – this Marazion building had views of St Micheal’s Mount!

How did the price rise so much? 

St Michael's Mount beach
The property has views of St Michael’s Mount

Originally, the property was advertised at a starting price of £20,000. This seemed like an absolute steal, considering the purchaser could do what they wanted with the building – and did we mention the glorious views over Mount’s Bay? 

This is a steal for a Cornwall seafront property and land – whether it’s a loo or not! 

But the savvy auctioneers, Clive Emson Land and Property Auctions, probably knew what they were doing as putting the property on the market at such a low price caused quite the marketing storm and ultimately drove prices up at the auction!

What’s the future for the loo? 

The future’s unknown! It hasn’t been disclosed who bought the toilet, and it comes with 0.12 acres of land. So, it depends on who buys the property and how they want to use it. It’s no longer owned by Cornwall Council, so it’s unlikely to remain as toilets. 

Is this a normal price for Cornwall?

While seaside land is certainly rather pricey in Cornwall – properties in the area often cost £2 million + – this is has possibly ended up being one of the most expensive toilets in the region! Other toilets in the region have gone for around £70, so less than half the price of this block. 

While this is a fairly humorous story, it does reflect the issue of rising house prices in Cornwall, which is one of the biggest problems that the region faces.

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