The UK’s best surfing spot is in DEVON

When thinking of the best surf destinations around the globe, the UK doesn’t always come up trumps.

However, we have much more swell than people often think!

And where are the best waves? The South West, of course!

In particular, Devon has soared to the top of a new league of the best surfing beaches in the UK. One of its beaches in particular has been crowned the best place to surf in the country!

North Devon Beaches Triumph as Top Surfing Spots in the UK

North Devon’s Westward Ho! Beach has been named the UK’s premier surfing destination, outshining over 100 other beaches in a comprehensive evaluation by apparel brand D-Robe.

Westward Ho! Takes the Crown

beautiful Westward Ho! beach in North Devon on the English coast

Westward Ho! Beach clinched the top spot thanks to its excellent ratings from surfers and general users alike.

This accolade was earned by considering multiple factors, including surfer ratings, water cleanliness, and accessibility.

Its sandy bottom, which reduces the risk of injury compared to rockier counterparts, combined with consistent Atlantic swells, make it a favourite among surfers of all skill levels.

The beach’s scenic backdrop, featuring sprawling sands and pebbles, adds to its appeal.

A spokesperson from D-Robe noted, “Grabbing the top spot is Westward Ho!’s very own beach. Known for its sprawling sand and pebble landscape and scenic backdrop, it’s understandably one of the most popular spots for surfers in the UK.

Westward Ho! ranks well with surfers with an average rating of 3.7 out of 5. Its waters’ sandy bottom means there’s less chance of injury than with rockier bottoms, and while its waves are considered to sometimes be on the smaller side, it benefits from consistent Atlantic swells making it suitable for all skill levels.”

Croyde Beach: A Close Second

Croyde Bay Beach

Following closely behind in the rankings is Croyde Beach, also located in North Devon.

Known for its photogenic appeal, Croyde Beach attracts a significant number of Instagram posts, highlighting its popularity among visitors.

The beach is praised for its consistent surf conditions throughout the year and challenging reef breaks that appeal to more experienced surfers.

Additionally, Croyde is home to several surf schools and rental shops, making it an ideal place for beginners to learn and for pros to gear up.

Cornwall’s Presence in the Top Ten

Widemouth Bay near Bude, Cornwall

While North Devon claimed the top two spots, Cornwall beaches were well-represented in the top ten, securing five positions.

Notable mentions include Porthtowan, Trevone Bay, Polzeath, Widemouth Bay, and Crooklets Beach in Bude.

These beaches are celebrated for their excellent surfing conditions, beautiful coastal scenery, and clean waters.

Where’s your favourite place to surf?

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