What is Devon day and how and why is it celebrated?

Happy Devon Day!

Celebrated on June 4th every year, Devon day is a vibrant celebration of the rich heritage, culture and natural beauty of the Devon county of England, with a focus on what makes Devon such a special place to live in and visit.

Why celebrate Devon?

Sunrise at Salconbe Devon, taken from Snape's Point hill.

Most locals to Devon know how special a place it is.

It has the Jurassic Coast to the south and a world surfing reserve to the north. In the middle are rolling moors, gushing waterfalls and enchanting rivers.

There’s culture too – with two historic cities, delicious food (cream first this side of the Tamar!) and thatched roof cottages aplenty.

Why June 4th?

Devon flag, England, waving in the wind, sky and sun background. 3d rendering.

June 4th is St Petroc’s Feast Day, who is the patron saint of Devon.

St. Petroc, a 5th-century Welsh missionary, played a significant role in spreading Christianity throughout Devon and Cornwall – although some argue that he was actually of Cornish descent.

Petroc left to study in Ireland and then landed in Padstow – which used to be named “Petroc’s Stow”, where he built a church and monastery.

He then travelled into Devon, where he had a notable impact on the town of Barnstaple.

Since 2003, St Petroc’s flag (with a green background and white cross) has been the flag of Devon, so when locals wanted to designate a day to celebrate all that is Devon and things Devonian, the obvious choice was St Petroc’s feast day, 4th June!

How is it celebrated?

View towards Cockwood from Dawlish Warren, Devon, England.

In all honesty, I live in Devon and haven’t ever seen much gusto in celebrations on 4th June – certainly nowhere near how much St Piran’s Day in Cornwall is celebrated.

However, you might find a few extra Devon flags flying or a few celebrations and parties happening!

Of course, you can always make your own celebrations, too! Have a cream tea, enjoy a West Country cider and celebrate all that it means to be in Devon on 4th June!

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