8 Incredible Waterfalls in Devon – don’t miss these!

If you’re heading on a trip to the South West any time soon, you might be wondering what are the best waterfalls in Devon!

I’m a Devon local and having all of these majestic natural falls in my backyard is incredible.

Thanks to its wild and varied terrain, this county has some of the biggest and most impressive waterfalls in the UK. Nature lovers, you’ll be wowed!

Most of these waterfalls are attached to peaceful walks, although there are some that are easily accessible from the nearest car park.

Let’s take a look at the best Devon waterfalls!

Best Waterfalls in Devon

Lydford Gorge

White Lady waterfall in Lydford Gorge, UK in autumn scenery

Sitting in the heart of Devon, close to Lydford Village which is equidistant from the towns of Okehampton and Tavistock, sits Lydford Gorge, somewhere that should certainly be on your UK bucket list.

The deepest gorge in the country, it sits in the midst of a temperate rainforest, famous for moss and lichens which grow on the tree trunks and stones.

Forest in the Lydford Gorge Natural Reserve, Devon, UK

Most of Lydford Gorge consists of a river walk, but it’s also home to Whitelady Waterfall, which was either named after a ghostly figure that was spotted nearby or a bride.

Dropping from a height of 28 metres, it’s a thin but powerful stream of whitewash waterfall that crashes into a plunge pool below.

There’s no swimming in the plunge pool, but you can sit and admire, take some photos and then do the moderate circular walk around the gorge!

As the gorge is one of the major tourist attractions of Dartmoor, there’s an £11 fee to enter.

Or, if you’re a National Trust member, it’s free! Read my review of National Trust Membership here.

Here’s my full blog post about Lydford Gorge.


Long exposure of a waterfall on the Hoar Oak Water river flowing through the woods at Watersmeet in Exmoor National Park

Sitting near Lydford in North Devon, Watersmeet is the confluence between East Lyn River and Hoar Oak Water (hence the name – it’s where the two waters “meet”!).

The East Lyn River ultimately pushes out to the Bristol Channel at Lynmouth, hence the town’s name.

A view of the East Lyn River and Watersmeet in Lynmouth in North Devon in England

Watersmeet is more of a series of rapids, but it’s an impressive feat, with gushing waters surrounded by 2,000 acres of woodland which is home to a plethora of wildlife and lined with public footpaths.

Watersmeet is run by the National Trust and is home to a charming tea house.

See more amazing things to do in North Devon here.

Becky Falls

Becky Falls is one of my favourite Devon waterfalls, although again it’s more of a series of rapids, with one main boulder-strewn fall in ancient oak woodland.

Sitting near Bovey Tracey which is in the South of Dartmoor, the falls are part of Becka Brook.

The falls were originally called Becka Falls, but the name was changed when they became a tourist attraction.

Girl walking through temperate rainforest with trees on either side. Becky Falls, Dartmoor, one of the best walks near Exeter

It’s worth doing a waterfall trail while you’re at Becky Falls. You can walk the Red Trail, which takes about 45 minutes or the Purple Trail which is a 30 minute add-on. There’s also the Blue Trail, which is much easier.

It costs £9.00 for adults to explore the gorge and £8.00 for children and concessions. This waterfall can be busy on school holidays and weekends; the best time to visit is usually during term time.

Here’s my full guide to visiting Becky Falls.

Speke’s Mill Mouth

Speke's Mill Mouth waterfall near Hartland Quay in North Devon, England

Sitting on the dramatic Culm coastline, Speke’s Mill Mouth is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Devon, and it dramatically drops off the edge of a cliff right onto the beach!

Descending from 50 metres, Speke’s Mill Mouth is an amazing sight, a dramatic plume of whitewater that forcibly plummets down the cliffs and into the sea.

You can view it from the South West Coast Path, just along from Hartland Quay.

It’s part of the Hartland Quay to Bude walk (one of the toughest, but most spectacular sections of the South West Coast Path!) and is close to the border of Devon and Cornwall.

If you’re staying close to the Cornwall border, check out my list of the best waterfalls in Cornwall too!

Canonteign Falls

Long exposure of the big waterfall at Canonteign falls in Devon

Located near Chudleigh on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, Canonteign Falls is the highest in England – although it’s technically a man-made fall!

Historically part of the Canonteign Estate which was owned by Sir Edward Pellew, the first Viscount of Exmouth, this area was home to a mine in the 19th century and the waterfall was actually diverted for a short time to give the mine some power.

However, thanks to Lady Exmouth, it was then rediverted to the fall that you see today, which sits over 70 metres.

Today’s falls are sometimes called Lady Exmouth Falls as it was she who ordered the redirection!

Devon, UK - August 1st 2019: A sign directing visitors to the Lady Exmouth Falls in Canonteign, South Devon, UK.  The falls are the highest manmade waterfalls in England.

It opened to the public in the 1990s and is nowadays a glorious woodland with river walks and an epic view of the main falls.

Also, don’t miss the Victorian fern garden and views of the Teign valley.

It costs £9.00 for adults and £6.50 for children to enter.

Clovelly Beach Waterfall

Waterfall along the beach from Clovelly harbour Devon

Clovelly Beach Waterfall is, as the name suggests, located on Clovelly Beach.

Sitting at the bottom of the village of Clovelly, the beach spans along from the harbour.

If you walk away from the harbour, you’ll eventually reach the Clovelly Beach Waterfall, otherwise known as Merlin’s Waterfall (apparently, the legendary figure was born here!).

Dropping from the cliffs above, it pounds into the plunge pool, which you can reach by walking over the pebbles.

It’s a free attraction to visit once you’re in Clovelly, but you do actually need to pay £8.50 per adult (£4.50 per child) to enter the village.

Burrator Reservoir Waterfall

Waterfall near Burrator Reservoir, Plymouth, Dartmoor, Devon

This South Devon waterfall is a little more off the beaten track, but it’s right by the beautiful Burrator Reservoir which is an attraction in its own right!

The waterfall sits on the other side of the road from Burrator Reservoir and crashes down from a hillside into rocks.

Enjoy spectacular falls over the water at Burrator – it’s owned by the South West Lakes Trust and you can admire some spectacular nature when walking around.

Burrator Reservoir on Dartmoor National Park one of the reservoirs supplying drinking water to the city of Plymouth Devon England UK Europe

There’s also a visitor centre and a dam dating back to the 1920s!

Venford Falls

Part of Venford Brook which ultimately washes into Venford Reservoir near Ashburton, this waterfall is one of the much more off-the-beaten-track ones!

To find it, park at Venford Reservoir and then walk down the brook, away from the road. Eventually, you’ll see them.

Venford Dartmoor Devon England Early morning at a beautiful double waterfall on Venford Brook

These twin waterfalls spring up as if out of nowhere, and very few people seem to know that they are there.

This means that, unlike Whitelady Falls at Lydford and Canonteign Falls, you’re likely to have them all to yourself.

It’s the perfect place to practice your photography, have a picnic or just take in the scenery.

Are you ready to explore the best Devon waterfalls?

There’s something on this list of Devon falls for everybody!

Whether you want to stroll ancient woodlands and admire rapids on the way, see waterfalls along a rocky beach on the South West Coast Path or have an adventure in Dartmoor, Devon has plenty to offer.

Large and small waterfalls, rapids, various viewpoints and more – these Devon falls aren’t to be missed!

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