How to Visit Becky Falls in Dartmoor National Park, Devon

If you’re researching how to visit Becky Falls in Dartmoor National Park, this article has all the information that you need.

With moss-strewn trees, a babbling river and crashing waterfalls, Becky Falls is one of the most incredible places to visit in Dartmoor, if not all of Devon.

It’s a wonderful attraction for families, solo travellers, groups and couples – if you like nature and being outdoors, this place is perfect! 

Because it’s such a unique place and popular tourist attraction it has a small fee to list. We’ll look at costs later in this article. 

About Becky Falls

Becky Falls is an ancient woodland park.

Originally called Becka Falls and part of the Becka Brook, it’s located in an ancient landscape dating back to the last Ice Age over 12,000 years ago. 

The waterfall sits in the ancient Bovey Valley and is over 20 metres tall and over 10 metres wide in some parts. It’s a spectacle to behold and is particularly scenic after recent rainfall. 

Gaze at the waterfall’s boulder-strewn bed, explore the acres of woodland and select one from the choice of trails. 

 There’s something for everyone at Becky Falls!

Things to do at Becky Falls

From walking to admiring nature to kid-friendly attractions, here are some of the best things to do at Becky Falls.

Walking in Becky Falls woodland

There are three loop trails in Becky Falls woodland: the red trail, the blue trail and the purple trail.

All are wonderful woodland walks, but you might want to decide to just do one depending on your ability, time constraints and interest. 

There are certainly more challenging trails on Dartmoor, although out of these three, the purple is the most difficult. 

  • Red trail: The Red trail is the most well-trafficked route in Becky Falls woodland park. It’s more challenging than the Blue Trail, but it is more challenging. It takes 45-50 minutes. If you get tired midway through, there are some cut-throughs. 
  • Blue trail: The Blue Trail is generally the easiest. It’s pretty flat, but there are some steps in places. It’ll take about 30-40 minutes to complete, and it is part of the Children’s Nature Trail Competition. 
  • Purple trail: The Purple Trail is an add-on to the red trail. This is a more challenging trail that should only be attempted if you are of good fitness. It will take an extra 30 minutes to complete on top of the 40-50 minutes of the red trail. 

Check out the stunning waterfalls

The natural waterfall at Becky Falls is an impressive sight to behold – it’s one of the best in Devon.

Carved out of the ancient valley, the moss-covered rocks and the crashing waterfalls are absolutely spectacular. 

There are also plenty of small waterfalls to enjoy while you’re walking around.

Animal attractions

There are a few animals to see at Becky Falls. I personally didn’t really like this; I don’t like seeing captive animals anywhere. However, it can be good for children’s education.

I did really like the bug B&B (pictured above)!

Children’s Nature Challenge

You’ll find signs all over the blue route. They have questions that you can answer, and once you’ve found them all you can work out the secret password. 

Then, go to the gift shop and get your prize! 

Meet the keeper

Throughout the day, there are chances to meet the animal keeper. You’ll learn more about the animals and how they are cared for. 

Where is Becky Falls? 

Becky Falls is located in the eastern part of Dartmoor National Park, about five miles or a 10 minute drive from Bovey Tracey. 

How to get to Becky Falls

The nearest rail station to Becky Falls is Newton Abbot, which is located slightly inland from Teignmouth. 

From Newton Abbot bus garage you can take a bus to Bovey Tracey, and then transfer to the Haytor Hoppa. 

This is Dartmoor’s hop-on hop-off service, which stops off at many of Dartmoor’s attractions, including Becky Falls.

Click here for more information about the Haytor Hoppa and timetables.

You could also take a taxi from Bovey Tracey. 

From Exeter

From Exeter, take the A38 towards Plymouth, and then turn off when you reach Bovey Tracey. 

Drive along Monks Way through the town centre, and turn onto the B3387, eventually bearing right and following signs to Becky Falls. 

It’s about a 40 minute drive. 

From Plymouth

From Plymouth, take the A83 and take the turning for Bovey Tracey. Then, follow Monks Way and the B3387, following signs to Becky Falls. 

It’s around a 45 minute drive. 

Parking at Becky Falls

There are quite a lot of parking spots available at Becky Falls.

Parking onsite is free of charge to ticket holders. 

Costs and opening hours

Becky Falls is open throughout the spring, summer and autumn from 

The entrance fee is:

  • £9.00 for adults
  • £8.00 for children and concessions
  • £32.00 for a family of two adults and two children. Additional children are £6.50 each

If you live locally or visit frequently, you might want to purchase a season ticket. These cost: 

  • £26.00 for adults
  • £23.00 for children and concessions
  • £88.00 for a family (two adults and two children)

You can buy tickets through this link.

Where to eat and drink

There’s a small cafe near the trailhead of the walks. Whether you fancy coffee and cake or a full meal, there’s plenty on offer here!

Becky Falls FAQ

How long does it take to walk around the falls? 

It depends on which trail you take! 

If you do the red and purple trails, factor in around an hour and a half. If you just do the blue trail, it’ll take 30-40 minutes. 

Of course, you could spend longer gazing at the waterfalls, eating at the cafe and seeing the farm animals. 

As you’ve paid for entry, you might want to ensure that you get your money’s worth! 

Is Becky Falls woodland dog-friendly? 

Dogs are permitted at Becky Falls; it’s one of the best dog-friendly Devon attractions. 

However, you should keep your dog on a lead at all times.

This is because it’s an SSSI (Specified Site of Scientific Interest), so it’s important that some parts of the forest aren’t disturbed. 

Can you swim at Becky Falls? 

No, Becky Falls isn’t suitable for swimming. If you’re visiting Dartmoor National Park during the hot summer, you can find a list of wild swimming destinations here.

How long do you need at Becky Falls? 

I’d allow 2-3 hours to see Becky Falls, if you’re planning on walking, watching the waterfalls for a bit and enjoying a drink at the cafe. 

Places to visit near Becky Falls

As Becky Falls is in a great position in Dartmoor National Park, there are lots of other attractions in the area. 

  • Hound Tor: This is a deserted Medieval village and one of the most historically significant places in Dartmoor. 
  • Miniature Pony Centre: This is one of the best places to see adorable Dartmoor ponies. 
  • Haytor Rocks: This is one of the best tor views in Dartmoor. Also don’t miss Haytor Quarry!
  • Saddle Tor: This is another fantastic tor to enjoy in the Dartmoor landscape. 
  • Lustleigh: This is one of the most beautiful villages in Dartmoor, with thatched roof cottages and a historic pub.
  • Widecombe in the Moor: Another beautiful village to visit, this village is engulfed right in the middle of the moorland.

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