The Terrace Exeter Review: The Best Rooftop Bar in Exeter?

“We call this one the Kokomora,” I was told, as I reached out and took the bright yellow cocktail.

I took a sip, tasting a tropical infusion of passionfruit and coconut. “It’s named after Moana. Doesn’t it just taste like summer?” 

If there was an oasis in Exeter, The Terrace would be it.

Tucked away on the second floor, this bright and airy bar is bedecked in floral decorations, giving a sense of being outside even when you’re firmly tucked away behind doors. 

But walk outdoors and you can enjoy the actual terrace.

This snakes around the building, with lots of tables ready to soak up the sun on a summer’s day or catch the sunset in the evening. 

With delicious fruity cocktails, food from all over the world and a buzzing atmosphere, The Terrace Exeter is without a doubt one of the best spots in the city for evening drinks.

Here’s a full review of the gorgeous rooftop bar, including what the menu’s like, the cocktail list and the atmosphere!

My last trip to The Terrace was kindly sponsored, but it was actually my third time at this bar, so it’s safe to say that I love it!

Where is the Terrace?

The Terrace is located in the heart of Exeter on Queen Street.

It’s just a stone’s throw from the Guildhall Shopping Centre and about a ten-minute walk from Exeter Cathedral.

It’s easy to access from Exeter Central station and various bus routes that serve other destinations in Devon. 

You can see the Google Maps location here.

What is The Terrace Exeter like?

The Terrace Exeter is located on the building’s second floor.

It’s one of the only rooftop bars in Exeter, and although it doesn’t have much of a view (there are lots of buildings surrounding it!) the outdoor area is breezy and catches the sun on a hot day.

In the evening, be entranced by the twinkling lights strung from building to building.

Inside, expect gorgeous floral décor covering the walls and ceilings and tables dotted around, with patterned seats and greenery on the tables.

The Terrace Menu

While there’s definitely lots to drink at The Terrace, the food menu is something special as well. Think pub food, but better!

Expect a rich and varied dining experience, with lots of veggie, vegan and gluten-free options. 

I continued the tropical theme and opted for the vegan Thai green curry, which was served with vegetables and rice. 

My friend chose the steak, which came with onion rings, fries and salad. 

The menu changes seasonally, but I had a delicious salad there a couple of years ago. Plus, they’re quite famous for their burgers and pizzas (each of which you can have as a veggie or vegan option).

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Cocktails at the Terrace

While The Terrace serves delicious food, the rooftop bar is perhaps most famous for its cocktail experience! 

Opt for classics like a pornstar and espresso martinis, or choose some of the in-house classics.

As well as the vodka-based Kakamora, we sampled Paradise Lost, made with raspberry vodka, dragonfruit syrup and raspberry and lime juice and the Berry Bliss, which is made with double pink gin and berry juice. 

Of course, there’s plenty of beer, wine and other spirits available too.

The atmosphere at The Terrace

On a Friday or Saturday night, the cocktail bar becomes a buzzing nightlife venue.

Live music meets your ears, the drinks are aplenty and the entire venue is packed out with people having a good time. After people have finished their food, you can even get up and have a boogie! 

It’s the kind of venue that changes throughout the day and night.

Enjoy boozy brunches, leisurely lunches, delicious dinners, copious amounts of cocktails and dancing the night away.

If you’re looking for Queen Street dining with an adventurous menu, drinking fruity cocktails, spending the evening dancing with your friends or just soaking in a gorgeous venue filled with flowers and nature, head to The Terrace when you’re next in Exeter!

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