How to do the Sennen Cove to Land’s End Walk, West Cornwall

The wild and dramatic Sennen Cove to Land’s End Walk is the ideal hike for people who want to enjoy a fairly easy South West Coast Path hike without spending all day.

It’s also the perfect solution to avoiding expensive parking at Land’s End!

Here’s everything you need to know about the Sennen Cove to Land’s End coastal walk.

How long is the Sennen Cove to Land’s End Walk?

The walk takes around 40 minutes and is 1.6 miles/ 2.5 kilometres long.

How to get to Sennen Cove

Sennen Cove Beach

Sennen Cove is one of the last outposts in West Cornwall.

However, it’s fairly easy to reach from destinations around the region.

You can take the Land’s End Coaster from Penzance, St Ives and other destinations.

Penzance has rail links to other places in Cornwall, Devon and London and St Ives is connected by rail to St Erth.

Parking at Sennen Cove

You can also drive to Sennen Cove and there are a few car parks.

One is at the top of the hill (Google Maps location here) and is called ‘Sennen Top Car Park’.

Parking costs £2.00 for two hours and £4.50 for the whole day.

In Sennen Cove itself, it’s about £6.00 for the whole day. 

Either search for ‘Sennen Cove Beach Car Park’ or ‘Sennen Cove Harbour Car Park’.

Sennen to Land’s End Walk

You can walk from Sennen rather than Sennen Cove, but there isn’t a footpath – you’d just be following the road.

It’s best to park at Sennen Cove, or at least at the Top Car Park (which isn’t far at all to Sennen!) so you can take the pathway down rather than walking on the road.

Steps for taking the Sennen Cove to Land’s End walk

If you’ve parked at the Top Car Park, walk down the steps to get into town.

Then, turn left and follow the beach as it journeys south towards Land’s End. Eventually, you’ll reach the end of the road and the start of the path.

The South West Coast Path is quite easy to follow here, as it winds past Maen Castle, which dates back 2,000 years to the Iron Age.

Keep an eye out on your right for the Mayon Cliff Ship Wreck, a boat that run aground in 2003.

It’s not completely flat terrain, but the path isn’t too challenging as it journeys to Land’s End.

Before too long, you’ll see Land’s End jutting out into the distance.

Keep following the path, and you’ll reach the very tip of Land’s End before walking into the more commercial area.

Things to do at Land’s End

lands end, Cornwall

Here are some of the best things to do in Land’s End:

  • check out the views at Land’s End point and look out for the Isles of Scilly
  • visit the RSPB discovery centre and learn about Cornish choughs and other birds
  • find the first and last postbox in England
  • visit Arthur’s Quest, the 4D cinema and the Wallace and Gromit experience
  • shop at the West Country Shopping Village
  • pay a visit to nearby Greeb Farm

How to get back from Land’s End

To get back from Land’s End, you can take the Land’s End coaster which calls at Sennen, along with other towns in West Cornwall like St Ives and Penzance.

Things to do in Sennen Cove

There aren’t all that many things to do in Sennen Cove, but don’t miss the following:

  • The glorious Sennen Beach, one of the best beaches and places for surfing in Cornwall
  • Drinks and food at Surf Beach Bar
  • You can also hike to Pendeen, which is a beautiful hike at the end of Cornwall
  • The First and Last Inn, which was a smuggler’s hideaway, in Sennen Town

This is a fairly quick and easy walk along the South West Coastal Path, and a handy way to avoid paying too much for parking at Land’s End!

If you’re looking for things to do around West Cornwall and want a chance to enjoy this beautiful part of the Cornish coastline, this trail is a must-do.

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