Northern Lights were visible across the South West this weekend

The days might be getting longer, but that doesn’t mean the chance to see the Northern Lights is over!

In fact, they were visible in parts of the South West this weekend.

Here’s everything you need to know. 

Red glow of Northern lights - Aurora borealis over the fields in Lithuania with reflection in water

Lots of people saw the Northern Lights in the South West this weekend

Despite our relatively southern position, people across the South West this weekend (mostly on Friday 10th May).

The biggest chance of seeing them was originally thought to be on Dartmoor, far away from light pollution; but people ended up being able to see them in towns across the region.

Sam Whitfield, who works for UK weather chase, said on Friday “Right now conditions are looking favourable. We are hoping this solar snot will hit earth directly following some big solar activity over the last few days. It’s definitely exciting if things do go the way we hope!” (source: DevonLive)

What did they look like? 

If you’ve ever been to Iceland or Northern Norway and have seen the elusive Northern Lights there, you’ll know that they are often green in colour. 

However, further south, they often appear more pink. 

Just like with the Northern Lights further north, the photos of the Northern Lights were more vibrant than seeing them with the naked eye!

When have the Northern Lights been spotted in the South West? 

The Northern Lights have actually appeared in the South West a few times this year!

In April, they were spotted in Princetown, and spots all over Devon and Cornwall saw them in February. 

However, it’s often a case of “right place, right time”, as they’re not always visible everywhere. 

Who saw the Northern Lights this weekend?

I asked on my Facebook page, and people definitely delivered!

On this post, people told me that they saw them all over the West Country, from South Somerset to Poole to Callington.

If you have any photos to share, please check out this Facebook post and  let me know where you saw them!

Oh, and if you’re interested in seeing the Northern Lights elsewhere in Europe, take a look at posts on another of my websites:

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