Devon beaches where you can take your dogs all year round

If you’re a dog owner, you’ll know the difficulty of finding dog-friendly beaches in the West Country in the summer months.

Dog bans are completely understandable during the hot season, when the beaches are frequently used – but it’s a good idea to know which beaches that you can take your pooch onto year round.

Below is a list of year-round dog-friendly beaches in Devon. These beaches have no restrictions when it comes to dogs, so you can take your furry friend here in the summer with no issues!

Just a note, while these beaches are completely dog-friendly, others have parts that are still suitable for dogs – for example, dogs are welcome either end of Exmouth Beach. Check your local beach before heading out!

North Devon

View of Lynmouth in distance on hike from Porlock
  1. Bucks Mills Between Westward Ho! and Hartland Quay, Bucks Mills is a charming, pebbly beach surrounded by ancient woodlands and a quaint fishing village.
  2. Clovelly Part of the village of Clovelly, Clovelly Beach is part of a historic village with steep cobbled streets leading down to the rocky shoreline. You do have to pay to enter the village.
  3. Heddon’s Mouth Situated in Exmoor National Park, Heddon’s Mouth Beach is a remote, pebble beach accessed by a scenic walk through a wooded valley.
  4. Hele Bay Near Ilfracombe, Hele Bay is a small, sandy and rocky beach, great for exploring rock pools and coastal walks.
  5. Lynmouth In Exmoor Natipnal Park, Lynmouth Beach is a mix of sand and pebbles, with dramatic cliffs and a picturesque harbour.
  6. Mouthmill Beach Situated near Clovelly, Mouthmill Beach is a rocky cove with striking geological formations and dramatic scenery.
  7. Newberry Beach Combe Martin Located in Combe Martin, Newberry Beach is a small, sandy and pebbly beach ideal for rock pooling and coastal walks.
  8. Northam Burrows In North Devon, Northam Burrows Beach is a vast, sandy beach backed by dunes and a golf course, perfect for long walks.
  9. Peppercombe Found in North Devon, Peppercombe Beach is a quiet, pebbly beach backed by red cliffs and accessed by a woodland walk.
  10. Rapparee Cove Located in Ilfracombe, Rapparee Cove is a secluded, pebbly beach with historical significance and dramatic cliffs.
  11. Rockham Bay Mortehoe Near Mortehoe, Rockham Bay is a remote, rocky beach perfect for exploring tide pools and enjoying rugged scenery.
  12. Wildersmouth Ilfracombe Situated in Ilfracombe, Wildersmouth Beach is a small, rocky beach with dramatic cliffs and a tidal swimming pool.
  13. Woody Bay Located in North Devon, Woody Bay is a rocky beach surrounded by lush woodland, perfect for a tranquil escape.
  14. Grunta Located near Mortehoe, Grunta Beach is a small, pebbly cove often quiet and perfect for rock pooling.

East Devon

  1. Weston Beach Located near Sidmouth, Weston Mouth Beach is a remote, pebbly beach accessed by a steep path, perfect for solitude.

Dawlish and Teignmouth

  1. Ness Cove Found in Shaldon, Ness Cove Beach is accessed through a historic tunnel, featuring a sandy and pebble mix and sheltered by cliffs.
  2. Teignmouth Back Beach Found in Teignmouth, Back Beach is a sandy estuary beach with vibrant boat activity and views of the River Teign.
  3. Holcombe Teignmouth Located between Teignmouth and Dawlish, Holcombe Beach is a quiet, sandy cove with red cliffs and a historic railway tunnel.


Beautiful Oddicombe Beach in south Devon
  1. Anstey’s Cove Located near Torquay, Anstey’s Cove is a secluded pebble beach known for its crystal-clear waters and dramatic cliffs.
  2. Babbacombe Situated in Torquay, Babbacombe Beach is a sheltered shingle beach with calm waters, ideal for swimming and boating.
  3. Beacon Cove Close to Torquay’s harbor, Beacon Cove is a small, quiet beach with historic significance as Agatha Christie’s favorite bathing spot.
  4. Broad Sands Situated near Paignton, Broad Sands is a picturesque beach known for its turquoise waters and scenic coastal path.
  5. Churston Cove Near Brixham, Churston Cove is a secluded beach with a mix of pebbles and sand, surrounded by lush greenery.
  6. Elbury Cove Near Paignton, Elbury Cove is a pebble beach with calm waters, popular for swimming and snorkeling.
  7. Fishcombe Cove Near Brixham, Fishcombe Cove is a pebbly beach with clear waters, sheltered by high cliffs, popular for snorkeling.
  8. Fairy Cove Located in Paignton, Fairy Cove is a small, sandy beach surrounded by red sandstone cliffs, ideal for families.
  9. Livermead Sands Located in Torquay, Livermead Sands is a sandy beach with shallow waters, popular for swimming and beach sports.
  10. Maidencombe Near Torquay, Maidencombe Beach is a small, sandy cove surrounded by red cliffs, perfect for a quiet retreat.
  11. Oddicombe Beach Near Torquay, Oddicombe Beach is a sheltered, pebbly beach with a funicular railway, popular for its scenic beauty.
  12. Saltern Cove Located near Paignton, Saltern Cove is a rocky beach with crystal-clear waters, popular for snorkeling and rock pooling.
  13. Shoalstone Beach Near Brixham, Shoalstone Beach is a mix of sand and shingle with a historic seawater lido nearby.
  14. St Mary’s Bay Near Brixham, St Mary’s Bay is a secluded, sandy beach surrounded by cliffs, ideal for a peaceful day out.
  15. Watcombe Near Torquay, Watcombe Beach is a small, sandy cove surrounded by cliffs and woodland, accessible by a steep path.

South Hams

Slapton Sands
  1. Beesands Located in South Devon, Beesands is a long, sandy beach backed by a freshwater lake and a popular spot for fishing and walking.
  2. Cellar Beach Located near Noss Mayo, Cellar Beach is a hidden gem accessible by foot or boat, featuring golden sands and clear waters.
  3. East Portlemouth Located across the estuary from Salcombe, East Portlemouth offers several sandy beaches with calm, clear waters and scenic views.
  4. Elender Cove Found near Prawle Point, Elender Cove is a remote, sandy beach perfect for those seeking peace and natural beauty.
  5. Gammons Head Situated near Hope Cove, Gammons Head Beach is a secluded spot with dramatic views and rocky outcrops.
  6. Great Mattiscombe Found near Start Point, Great Mattiscombe Beach is a sandy and rocky beach known for its stunning scenery and wildlife.
  7. Hallsands In South Devon, Hallsands Beach is a pebble beach with a tragic history, offering stunning views and coastal walks.
  8. Horseley Cove Found near East Prawle, Horseley Cove is a secluded sandy beach, ideal for swimming and exploring rock pools.
  9. Lannacombe Found near Start Point, Lannacombe Beach is a small, sandy beach with rocky areas, great for families and snorkelers.
  10. Man Sands Found near Brixham, Man Sands Beach is a remote, sandy beach with a marshland backdrop, great for birdwatching.
  11. Mill Bay Located across from Salcombe, Mill Bay Beach is a sandy beach with calm, clear waters and a family-friendly atmosphere.
  12. Moor Sands Near East Portlemouth, Moor Sands is a secluded beach known for its unique white pebbles and clear waters.
  13. Scabbacombe Sands Found near Brixham, Scabbacombe Sands is a remote, sandy beach accessible via a steep path, offering peace and seclusion.
  14. Slapton Sands Located in South Devon, Slapton Sands is a long, shingle beach backed by a freshwater lake, popular for walking and nature watching.
  15. Soar Mill Cove Near Salcombe, Soar Mill Cove is a sandy beach surrounded by cliffs and accessed by a scenic walk, perfect for a tranquil retreat.
  16. South Sands Salcombe South Sands Beach is a sandy beach with calm waters and amenities, ideal for families.
  17. Strete Gate Beach Located near Slapton, Strete Gate Beach is a shingle beach with beautiful views and less crowded than neighboring Slapton Sands.
  18. Sugary and Castle Cove Situated near Dartmouth, these coves are small, sandy beaches with clear waters, popular for swimming and exploring.
  19. Sunny Cove Near Salcombe, Sunny Cove is a hidden, sandy beach accessible by boat or a challenging hike, offering peace and seclusion.
  20. Thurlestone North Located in Thurlestone, this beach is sandy with unique rock formations and is popular for water sports.
  21. Thurlestone Situated in South Devon, Thurlestone Beach is a sandy beach with rock pools and a natural arch, great for families.
  22. Wonwell Sands Near Bigbury-on-Sea, Wonwell Sands is a quiet, sandy estuary beach ideal for a peaceful retreat and walking.
  23. Yarmer Beach Situated near Thurlestone, Yarmer Beach is a sandy beach with clear waters and beautiful views, popular for swimming and relaxing.

Around Plymouth

Lady sitting on seat with back to camera looking out over the vista of Plymouth Sound to Drake's Island, Plymouth Hoe and the city. Blue sky light cloud.
  1. Bovisand Bay Bovisand Bay is a sandy beach with excellent views of Plymouth Sound, popular for picnics and swimming.
  2. Wembury Beach Wembury is a sandy beach known for its rock pools and marine life, ideal for family outings and nature enthusiasts.
  3. Heybrook Bay Close to Wembury, Heybrook Bay is a small, rocky beach with clear waters, great for snorkeling and exploring.
  4. Jennycliff Beach Jennycliff Beach is a small, sheltered beach with stunning views of Plymouth Sound.
  5. Wembury Beach Wembury Beach is known for its rich marine life and rock pools, ideal for families and nature enthusiasts.
  6. Mount Batten Beach Mount Batten Beach is a small, sandy beach with views of Plymouth Hoe and easy access to water sports facilities.
  7. Batten Bay Batten Bay is a quiet, pebbly beach with calm waters, great for kayaking and enjoying the views of Plymouth Sound.
  8. Devil’s Point Beach Devil’s Point Beach is a small, rocky beach with strong currents, better suited for experienced swimmers and adventurers.

Enjoy exploring and don’t forget to check out the rest of my Devon posts!

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