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Undercliff South West Coast Path section re-opens

The section of the South West Coast Path from Lyme Regis to Axmouth has reopened. Here’s everything you need to know! 

What is the undercliff section of the South West Coast Path? 

The Undercliff section of the South West Coast Path (SWCP) between Lyme Regis and Axmouth is quite unique compared to other parts of the path. 

It’s a seven mile journey that traverses through a lush woodland, going through through the heart of the Undercliff National Nature Reserve. 

It’s very different from the other parts of the path, which span up cliffs and along beaches. The woodland terrain makes it quite uneven underfoot and means that there are landslips relatively frequently. 

When did the path section close?

It closed on 28th February, due to lots of landslips near Lyme Regis, which effectively closed the path. 

Usually, it’s possible to put together an alternative route when sections of path close, but during this time there was no diversion available. 

This meant that people had to take the bus – which many South West Coast Path diehards consider cheating! 

Ammonite lamp post in Lyme Regis, Dorset

What work was done? 

The Natural England Undercliffs team and East Devon Council Coastal Footpath cleared the undercliff and protected the path from any future landslips. 

What about any future landslips? 

Future landslips could happen, but part of the restoration work involved putting monitoring devices on the route to warn for any future potential issues. 

While the path has reopened, lots of mud means that it’s rather rainy – so proceed with caution! 

Cliff falls in East Devon

Cliff falls in East Devon are relatively common – we’re talking Triassic and Cretaceous cliffs here – so it’s important, when exploring, to be careful of them! 

If you’re walking along clifftops, don’t get too close to the cliff edge (stick to the South West Coast Path) and if there are any diversions, follow them. 

Be careful on the beach too – don’t sit directly underneath the cliffs.

Bear all of this in mind if you’re visiting any cliffs in Devon and Cornwall! 

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