Where to find the best vegan Chinese in Bristol!

Are you looking for the BEST vegan Chinese in Bristol? I’ve found it! 

Ever since I became vegetarian and then stopped eating most animal products, I’ve found Chinese takeaways to be the most difficult to locate. I’ve been to China and managed to get around there ok – but most Chinese takeaways in the UK (which is very different to Chinese food in mainland China!) only have a few dishes. However, there are some amazing options for vegan Chinese food in Bristol.

If you’re on a vegan diet and want to sample some delicious Chinese food, this blog post has a few excellent recommendations. From greasy junk food to Asian-fusion noodle dishes using the finest ingredients, refer to this list for the best vegan Chinese restaurants in Bristol!

Marlings Chinese & Fish Bar

There’s nothing wrong with a vegetable chow mein or stir-fried veggies, but as there are so many other amazing vegan options in Bristol (it’s been called the vegan capital of the world, and sampling the food scene is one of the best things to do here!) I was always more inclined to go for them. 

UNTIL! I encountered Marling Fish Bar. Yes, this unassuming takeaway, which is also a fish & chips restaurant, is one of the best vegan Chinese restaurants in Bristol. Who would have thought it?!

The Food

Basically, as well as the usual Chinese fare of vegetable dishes, Marling has an incredible vegan and vegetarian menu. It features ALL of your Chinese classics but made with mock meat. Although it does serve lots of meat dishes, it’s one of the best places to get vegan Chinese in Bristol!

Most of the dishes are British Chinese style, which is more like Cantonese cuisine than mainland Chinese. However, there is some Szechuan food, which I usually get too. The main thing about Marling is that there is an extensive menu with so much choice – and the food is always absolutely mouthwatering.

Our usual order is the following (it is a lot of food!)

  • Mock duck with hoisin sauce and pancakes (my favourite!)
  • Mock chicken in Szechuan sauce
  • Stir-fried mock beef and broccoli 
  • Sweet and sour balls with mock chicken
  • Mock prawn chow mein
  • Mock chicken curry or Malaysian mushroom curry

It is divine. 

The staff are absolutely lovely, the service is exceptional, and the food is delicious. What more could you want?!

How to get Marling vegan Chinese takeaway in Bristol

Marlings do offer a friendly delivery service, but only for certain local areas. If you’re in St George or Speedwell, you might be able to get a tasty vegan Chinese delivery to your door! However, if you’re not in the area and have a car, it is well worth the drive. 

Just put “Marlings” in your sat nav, and you should find it. The Google Maps location is below.

It’s on Marlings Road, and there is on-street parking here – although it can sometimes be limited. If you can go with someone else, it might be easier to let them out while you hover. 

You do need to pre-book Marling, especially if you have a big order. You can browse their menu and prebook here. I normally pre-book it 24 hours in advance.

Marling’s address is 1 Marling Rd, Bristol BS5 7LL. Google maps location here.

Chilli Daddies 

Chilli Daddies is my other favourite vegan Chinese takeaway in Bristol. This restaurant uses authentic ingredients to create noodle dishes with really powerful flavours – if you’ve ever been to China, you’ll be blown away at how authentic it is! It’s one of the best vegetarian Chinese restaurants in Bristol.

They have three locations – a Szechuan street food stall in St Nicholas’ Market, one near Clifton, and one on Baldwin Street. They serve up traditional dishes, including amazing hot pot and dumplings, with plenty of veggie and vegan options. 

The Food

Hot pot is potentially my favourite Chinese dish, so I was delighted to find this place! Plant-based dishes include tofu hotpot with vegetables, dumplings and spring rolls. You can choose your spice level from 1-5. I’m a spice fiend, so I always get number 5, but beware – it is hot. Whatever spice level you choose, you’ll love their fresh flavours!

Here are the vegan options on their menu:

  • Tofu hotpot noodles
  • Veg hotpot noodles
  • Beansprout salad
  • Vegetable spring rolls
  • Vegetable dumplings

How to order Chilli Daddies

You can either order Chilli Daddies for pick up or book on Uber Eats. 

These are their three locations:

  • St Nicholas’ Markets – lunchtime food markets near the harbourside. The Corn Exchange, Corn St, Bristol BS1 1JQ. Google maps location here.
  • Baldwin Street – near Queen’s Square and the harbourside. 45-47 Baldwin St, Bristol BS1 1RA. Google maps location here.
  • Near the Clifton Triangle – 88a Queens Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1SA. Google maps location here. This branch is temporarily closed.

Other Vegan Chinese Restaurants in Bristol

Please note that not all of these are vegan only, but they do have good vegetarian and vegan menus. Check with each restaurant before booking to check that they can accomodate you!


I haven’t made it to Suyuan yet, but it promises healthy food that’s meat-free and served in the heart of Bristol – right by Queen’s Square.

It’s famous for its Chinese home cooking and lack of artificial colours and flavours and it prides itself on being a food experience. Suyuan is also one of the only fully vegan restaurants serving Chinese cuisine in Bristol! 

Suyan is located on Grove Avenue, Bristol BS1 4LU. Google maps location here.

The Mayflower

The Mayflower is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Bristol. However, I tried a takeaway from there and didn’t rate it that much. They have a small vegan menu with things like stir-fried aubergine and tofu with peppers. The dishes tasted nice, but the portions were small, and there was nowhere near the same amount of choice as there is at Marling.

This style of Chinese food usually involves buying a lot of dishes and sharing – so there wasn’t enough of a range of dishes to warrant ordering from The Mayflower again. 

The Mayflower offer delivery on Deliveroo only. The restaurant is located by James Barton Roundabout – 1a, 5a Haymarket Walk, Bristol BS1 3LN. Google maps location here.

Beijing Cooking Pot

I never tried the Bejing Cooking Pot because I was worried about it not being as good as Chilli Daddies. However, it does have a small plant-based menu, with two choices – hot and spicy tofu cooking pot and a plain tofu cooking pot.

It’s not the biggest vegan menu that I’ve ever seen, but as it’s hot pot, you only really need the one option! It also looks like it might be a fun restaurant experience, as you can enjoy the hot pot right there – just like you might do in Sichuan province.

The Beijing Cooking Pot is located near the BRI Hospital – 17 Perry Rd, Bristol BS1 5BG. Google Maps location here.

The best vegan Chinese Bristol has to offer!

Whether you want gently-spiced curries or a traditional hot pot, it’s never been so easy to find vegan Chinese food in Bristol on a plant-based diet! My top recommendations are definitely Marlings and Chilli Daddies, but it’s worth trying the rest out as well! Let me know how you find them! 

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