An epic Cornwall November deal: St Moritz Hotel’s “99er”

Stay in the luxury St Moritz Hotel in Cornwall for just £99 with this excellent deal!

Think Cornwall, and you may imagine sandy beaches and ice cream cones under a glaring sun.

But November in Cornwall’s secluded, intimate and enchanting – and what better way to enjoy the region than a long soak in a spa and a comfortable night in a luxury hotel bed?

For the entire month, St Moritz Hotel in Rock is running a ’99er’ deal.

Book your Cornwall getaway this November and wake up in a cosy bed, followed by a hearty breakfast and then a bit of spa time all for a flat rate of £99.

Because as the chill sets in, nothing feels better than snuggling under warm blankets, your belly full from a satisfying meal, without breaking the bank!

Why visit Cornwall in November?

Coastal view towards New Polzeath, North Cornwall

Contrary to popular belief, Cornwall doesn’t go into hibernation once the summer tourists leave.

The scenery shifts, yes, but the charm remains intact.

You won’t have to wrestle your way through busy streets or wait in long lines at local eateries.

Take a walk along the coast with a hot drink in hand, enjoying the undivided attention of the crashing waves.

Restaurants may be shut out of season, but there’s something really special about having Polzeath Beach all to yourself – and it’s only £99!

Why stay at St Moritz?

Claire enjoying a delicious dinner in St Moritz Hotel in North Cornwall
Enjoying a delicious dinner in St Moritz Hotel in North Cornwall

Situated on the cliffs overlooking the Camel Estuary, St Moritz Hotel is an unparalleled experience that merges luxury with the tranquillity of Cornwall’s natural beauty.

A stone’s throw away from Polzeath and Rock, this hotel’s in prime position for an adventurous stay.

As you arrive, its minimalist yet cosy design welcomes you – white walls paired with gentle turquoise accents that evoke the seaside without overwhelming the senses.

The ground-floor suites are spacious, featuring a fully equipped kitchen, a plush living area, and a garden-accessible bedroom, complete with deluxe toiletries.

In terms of gastronomy, St Moritz impresses at every meal.

The Shorecrest Restaurant offers a daily rotating menu, emphasizing local and sustainable cuisine that is both visually appealing and delicious.

For lunch, the Seaside Restaurant offers a varied menu ranging from a veggie Buddha bowl to fresh oysters.

Beyond the food, the hotel features amenities that elevate your experience—like the Cowshed Spa where treatments are designed to melt away stress, or the outdoor pool area with uninterrupted views of the Camel Estuary.

The surrounding area beckons you to explore; you’re right on the South West Coast Path connecting Polzeath with Rock, a mere boat ride away from the popular town of Padstow.

And if you’re a local history or hiking enthusiast, nearby attractions like Tintagel Castle and Bodmin Moor are just a short drive away!

How to book this deal

The outside of St Moritz Hotel in Cornwall

Ready to make your November memorable? Book your room online using the code ‘FLASHSALE’ and grab this irresistible deal. But you’ll have to act swiftly; only 99 rooms are available at this special rate.

Whether you’re planning a romantic weekend or need a break from the grind, Cornwall in November offers a uniquely calming experience.

With the ’99er’ deal, it’s a bargain that adds practicality to your winter wonder. Book now and make this November a month to remember!

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