Could it be Banksy? Mystery plaque about adulterer in Bristol

A mystery plaque has been unveiled in Clifton, Bristol, accusing somebody called “Roger” as an adulterer. 

Nobody’s too sure how it got there, with some locals even predicting that it could be made by Banksy – possibly the world’s most famous street art, who lives in Bristol but is anonymous. 

The plaque

View of Royal York Crescent in Bristol England horizontal photography

The plaque is a traditional memorial that’s been screwed onto a wooden bench at Royal York Crescent in Clifton. 

It commemorates to “My Love”, with the date of birth set as 06/09/69 and date of death as last Christmas – 25/12/23. 

Below, it says “Husband, Father, Adulterer” and at the bottom, “Yes Roger, I knew”

It seems a very sinister message to a partner in the afterlife, finally mentioning that their partner is aware of them having an affair!

And what’s more, why it’s there is a complete mystery! 

Could it be real? 

Nobody’s sure how it got there. 

The dates seem a little too convenient, with the date of birth referencing “69” and the date of death being the most celebrated public holiday in the UK! 

Still, nobody’s really sure why it would be completely made up! 

The local cobblers doesn’t know anything about it, despite being the only place that engraves metal. 

Could it be a Banksy? 

Banksy’s a famous street artist – probably the world’s most – but nobody’s sure of his identity. 

He’s known for his street art, including the “Well Hung Lover” at the bottom of Park Street and “Mild Mild West” in Stokes Croft. 

He’s never been accredited with engraved signs before, but there are arguments that he wouldn’t make any paintings in Clifton Village – it doesn’t quite fit the atmosphere – and the engraved mural could be a small piece of artwork from the street artist. 

Could it represent the similar tongue-in-cheek painting “Well Hung Lover”, his Park Street piece that’s painted onto the side of an STI clinic? 

Locals are trying to find answers but haven’t been able to thus far. Some report hearing drilling in the night, but no eyewitnesses have come forward thus far. 

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