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There are plenty of things that you need to know about visiting Bristol – including how to get to Bristol, when the best time to visit is, and if it is even worth visiting. Here are all the Bristol travel tips that you might need to know!

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You can reach Bristol by car, coach and train. It is located at junction 19 of the M4, or is on rail routes from London, Birmingham, Exeter, Manchester and a lot of other UK cities. It is also served by various coach providers.

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Spend a weekend in bristol

Are you planning a weekend in Bristol? Make sure that you visit the SS Great Britain, the Clifton Suspension Bridge, all of the free museums, browse the outdoor street art gallery, and walk around the beautiful harbour. Also, don’t forget the amazing food scene!

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It’s best to visit Bristol at certain times of year – some are better than others! Bristol is great in Summer, as well as late Spring and early Autumn. There are lots of festivals in Bristol during this time. It’s also lovely at Christmastime!

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