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I hope to inspire you to visit more of South West England. This beautiful area of the country has so much to offer, from the tranquil beaches of Cornwall to the vibrant city of Bristol. Check out the region pages below to see what there is to offer…

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Hello! I’m Claire

And I’m the person behind South West England. My family are originally from Cornwall and I’ve spent much of my life exploring every inch of this part of the UK. I’ve lived in Bristol and Bath, and nowadays reside in Devon.

I want to inspire more people to visit this part of England. It’s beautiful, it’s historic, it’s dynamic. There’s plenty of delicious food and authentic drinks to try, as well as amazing rural hospitality. 

I’m hoping to show you how special this corner of it is and why you should Go South West. 

On this website, you’ll find travel guides talking about how you can Go South West and also journalism-style articles, discussing the culture and history of this region. 

Enjoy, and feel free to visit the ‘About Me’ page to see more!


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