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Weekend in Plymouth Itinerary

Sitting on the south coast of England, Plymouth is the largest city in Devon. It’s quite out of the way for most of the country – it sits right on the border of Cornwall – but it’s worth the drive! During a weekend in Plymouth, you can learn about the fascinating history of the city […]

Weekend in Exeter Itinerary: Perfect for all travellers!

Perched on the start of the Exe Estuary, Exeter is one of the most historic cities in the UK. It was a small Celtic settlement until 6000 Roman troops set up camp looking for gold, silver and iron in the UK.  Exeter has since prospered under different ages and monarchs. Its crowning glory is its […]

Weekend in Bath Itinerary

Bath is one of the UK’s most famous tourist destinations – the entire city has been named as a UNESCO world heritage site, and the Roman Baths are among the best attractions in the country.  Its fascinating history spans centuries – while most of the buildings you’ll see are from the 1800s, the Roman Baths […]

Weekend in Bristol Itinerary (written by a local!)

Are you planning a weekend in Bristol? This itinerary covers two days in Bristol (which could be Saturday and Sunday, but nearly all of these activities aren’t weekend specific), detailing the very best things to do in the city.  I lived in Bristol for four years and have been a Bristol local once again since […]

One Week in Cornwall Road Trip Itinerary

Heading to Cornwall, but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place! Cornwall is the peninsula that sticks out from southwest England. Famed for some of England’s most beautiful beaches, it’s a charming county that has a culture and atmosphere all of its own – in fact, many locals and tourists think that […]

Your Ideal North Devon Road Trip Itinerary

Croyde at sunset

North Devon is a really beautiful place. With clusters of villages nestled along a peaceful coastline, it’s somewhere where a more relaxed pace of living can be enjoyed, while taking in some of the most spectacular sights of the South West, of course! This guide will show you how to do a North Devon road […]