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Best Things to do in Bath

One of the country’s most quintessential cities, Bath sees millions of visitors every year. It’s actually the second most visited city outside of London. It’s easy to see why; the city is absolutely bursting from history from Roman times to modern day. The buildings are beautiful, and there are plenty of places to eat, drink […]

Where to go shopping in Bristol

Bristol is a fairly small city when compared to the UK’s other metropolis’, but there are plenty of places to go shopping. Each of these destinations has a different feel to them, so it’s good to know what area to hit up depending on what you want! I’m not a shopaholic myself, but I have […]

Best things to do in Bristol: a travel guide

I recently moved back to Bristol, where I spent my university years, and the only place that I can really call home. I love this city; I love the beautiful river, I love the diverse suburbs, and I love the immense array of food that is always on offer.  Bristol’s a place with many layers, […]